Day 1: Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Opening Remarks

Session 1: Opening Talk

Overview of Information Secirity Research at KRDL
R. Deng

Session 2: Intrusion Detection and Survivable Systems
Chair: Ravi Sandhu

The Base-Rate Fallacy and its Implications for Intrusion Detection
S. Axelsson

A High-Performance Network Intrusion Detection System
R. Sekar, Y. Guang, S. Verma, T. Shanbag

The Proactive Security Toolkit and Applications
B. Barak, A. Herzberg, D. Naor, E. Shai

Session 3: Cryptography
Chair: Mike Reiter

A Fuzzy Commitment Scheme
A. Juels, M. Wattenberg

On The Fly Signatures based on Factoring
G. Poupard, J. Stern

Signature Schemes Based on the Strong RSA Assumption
R. Cramer, V. Shoup

Session 4: Invited Talk

Securing 21st-Century Software
E.W. Felten

Day 2: Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Session 1: Authentication
Chair: Ari Juels

Proof-Carrying Authentication
A. Appel, E.W. Felten

Public-key Cryptography and Password Protocols: The Multi-User Case
M.K. Boyarsky

Password Hardening Based on Keystroke Dynamics
F. Monrose, M. Reiter, S. Wetzel

Session 2: Panel
Chair: Dan Boneh, Stanford

Topic: On The Importance Of Provable Security

Session 3: Invited Talk

Formal models for secure session key exchange protocols
V. Shoup

Session 4: Group and Multicast Security
Chair: Gene Tsudik

Secure Protocol Transformation via Expansion: From Two-party to Groups
A. Mayer, M. Yung

A Compact and Fast Hybrid Signature Scheme for Multicast Packets
P. Rohatgi

Scalable Multicast Security in Dynamic Groups
R. Molva, A. Pannetrat

Session 5: Rump Session
Chair: Giuseppe Ateniese

5-7 minute short talks reporting on recent and/or half-baked results

Day 3: Thursday, November 4, 1999

Session 1: Anonymity
Chair: Mike Reiter

Anonymous Authentication With Subset Queries
D. Boneh, M. Franklin

Efficient Private Bidding and Auctions with an Oblivious Third Party
C. Cachin

Session 2: Secure E-commerce and Finincial Cryptography
Chair: Robert Deng

Using smartcards to secure a personalized gambling device
W. Aiello, A. Rubin, M. Strauss

Efficient Protocols for Verifiable Encryption (and Fair Exchange) of Digital Signatures
G. Ateniese

Closing Remarks